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Haseen Dillruba character promos: Taapsee Pannu’s Rani, Vikrant Massey’s Rishu are caught in a web of deceit, watch

Haseen Dillruba stars Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane. Netflix has released the character promos of its three main leads.

Taapsee Pannu is a prime suspect in the murder investigation of her own husband in Netflix’s upcoming film, Haseen Dillruba. The film’s intriguing story is getting a lot of traction already. Adding to the curiosity of fans, the makers have released the character promos of its three lead actors, including Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane.

Taapsee plays Rani, a small-town girl fond of reading murder mysteries. Her character has no qualms in using her charm to seduce men around her. She has been described as “the infamous beautician and her make-up of lies.” Her promo shows her dual life, where on one hand she’s wooing her husband in her arranged marriage, she is having an extramarital affair with her neighbour.

Rani’s husband Rishu (Vikrant Massey), in his promo, initially comes across as a boy-next-door trying to match up to the expectations of his wife, until we get a hint that there’s an obsessive side to his personality too. Rishu gets killed in a blast and fingers point at Rani. But there’s more to what meets the eye. “The two faces of Rishabh Saxena,” is how the video clip tags him.

Rani’s neighbour, Neel (Harshvardhan Rane) is also on the radar when it comes to the murder. Cops believe he was involved in planning the murder of Rishu. His character promo shows him seducing Rani as much as she tries to entice him. He is “The rafter who sailed away with Rani’s heart.” Each video clip shows the two sides of all its characters.

Check out all the character promos of Haseen Dillruba here:

Haseen Dillruba has been written by Kanika Dhillon and directed by Vinil Mathew. Ever since its trailer released earlier this month, fans want to know more about this whodunnit.

Touted to be a game of “love, lust and deceit”, Haseen Dillruba is set to release on Netflix on July 2.

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