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Grand Designs fans fear ‘strained’ couple split as fiancée disappears from show

Grand Designs: The Street stars Roxie and Chris spent a whopping £300,000 on a sustainable "flatpack" home.

However, viewers of the Channel 4 show were left wondering if the pair, both 24, were still together at the end of their project, as Roxie was mysteriously missing.

The Hertfordshire couple, who were the youngest ever to appear on the show, shelled the big sum of money in order to create a low energy, low impact home of out "flatpack" plywood.

But their nine year relationship seemed strained throughout the show, and Kevin McCloud was only greeted by Chris as he headed back to the property to see the finished project.

At the time, Chris said that Roxie was "working" as he explained her absence.

However, viewers at home were less than convinced.

"Roxie isn't at work, is she…" one wrote after his sheepish excuse, while another added: "Come on though, what everyone really wants to know is if Chris and Roxie are still together #notatworkatall ".

A third chipped in: "Is there any evidence that Roxie's living there? #granddesigns ".

Meanwhile another added: "Yeah they're deffo not together anymore then (sic)."

The suspicion comes after Chris admitted building the house had been a "nightmare".

"I've started not telling Rox certain things, and that's starting to really show, because she's become more aware that I'm keeping things from her and that's started to put a real strain on our relationship," he said.

Roxie added: "I know he's keeping it to himself so that I don't get stressed or worry about it, which is frustrating because I want to know about it".

She went on to reveal that she'd had doubts about her relationship with Chris before they even started the house.

"It's been on my mind every day," she said. "It was before the house".

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