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Gossip! Director Shouts At Young Hero for Film’s Failure

Despite a lot of hype and hoopla around it, a recently released film has gone for a toss at the box office with producer staring at huge losses. Though it had a star cast and interesting elements, the film failed to click with the audiences. Guess what, the director of the movie is right now quite furious that the film failed due to the hero.

Other day, the director is said to have met the hero at the producer’s office and screamed at him for fingering his work. The director is said to have blasted the hero for pressure on him to take unnecessary scenes and copy body language from the hero’s previous hit film. He is said to have asked the hero to not interfere in directors’ work that way, in case if he needs a hit in the coming days.

Well, the film industry buzz is that the young hero interfered in the work of a director at every instance and made the director shoot scenes a couple of times. The film was reshot many times as the hero didn’t like other characters getting elevated. All these mistakes are done in hero’s previous films too and the result has come out similar even then and now.

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