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Good Morning Britain's Jeremy Kyle challenges Alex Beresford to unexpected competition live on air

Good Morning Britain host Jeremy Kyle has challenged Alex Beresford to an ironing competition, live on air.

During today’s GMB (August 28), Kyle was chatting to co-host Kate Garraway – the pair are currently standing in for Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid – when he revealed he’s “the best ironer in the history of the world ever”.

“I do the best ironing,” Kyle continued. “I love ironing, there’s no woman I’ve ever met who can iron better than me.”

However, he was challenged by Beresford, who stated: “I reckon I could iron a shirt better than you.”

Kyle retorted: “What’s the first bit you start with?”

“I start with, I do the back first, the top of the back, then I do the sides,” replied Beresford. “Then I do the arms, and then I redo the front again.”

Jezza was undeterred, however, as he fired back: “Ironing challenge, tomorrow on this show. Two ironing boards, steam irons.”

“I’m not quick, but I’m good,” noted Beresford, to which Kyle confirmed: “We’ll do an ironing challenge.”

Get your Iron Man gags lined up now…

Meanwhile, Love Island‘s Dr Alex George has been announced as ITV’s new daytime TV doctor for Good Morning Britain.

We’ll let you know if the ironing challenge does indeed go ahead during tomorrow’s episode of Good Morning Britain (August 29), which airs from 6.30am.

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