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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday, August 9: Franco’s Frazzled, Sonny’s Stunned, & Kiki Takes The Stand

Kiki is about to testify against Bensch, but ‘General Hospital’ spoilers suggest her secret involving Griffin could turn everything upside down.

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will have developments on several fronts, according to the latest spoilers. Kiki’s case against Bensch is about to begin in the courtroom, but Scotty filled Franco in on the big secret involving Griffin and this could upend her case. Teasers reveal that Jordan and Curtis will be sharing some intimate moments while Sonny and Carly’s calm time at home will be short-lived. What else is on the way with the August 9 show?

Teasers from the sneak peek shared on Twitter detail that Jordan and Curtis will take some time to reconnect with one another. General Hospital spoilers indicate that they’ll both be thrilled to take some time away from their day-to-day work commitments and he’ll note that they need to make time for that more often. Viewers haven’t seen much of Jordan and Curtis lately, but the buzz is that there will be some action for them again soon.

People are gathered at the courtroom for Kiki’s case against Bensch to begin, but there’s some last-minute scrambling occurring. Franco is anxious to get a minute to talk with Alexis, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she’ll be annoyed by his attempts to talk with her. He’ll be quite intent on telling her what he’s learned about Kiki and Griffin, but She Knows Soaps reveals that he’ll somehow manage to make things worse.

Ava will try to pull Elizabeth aside for a moment to ask her a question, and something Scotty does makes Bensch wonder if he’s trying to throw the case. Of course, as viewers know, Scott actually is trying to throw the case, but he’s doing his best to walk a fine line between properly representing his client and doing what Ava’s demanded of him.

Carly is finally back home again and she’ll be anxious to spend some quality time with Sonny. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers indicate that they’ll be startled when they hear a big crash at home and viewers will soon see him feeling bittersweet over something. Could it be that there will be a potentially dangerous incident happen involving Sonny’s dad and he’ll realize it’s time to get Mike into a more structured care setting?

Kiki will take the stand to testify against Bensch and she’ll get emotional as she shares her experiences. At one point, she’ll have tears in her eyes as she talks about how what the doctor has done isn’t right, and her testimony is sure to deliver a punch.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco’s attempts to get Alexis up to speed won’t be successful on Thursday, as he’ll do something dramatic on Friday. There’s said to be great stuff on the way as this week wraps up and viewers are anxious to see where things head next.

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