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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad’s Visit With Britt Turns Into Confession Time

Brad lets Britt in on a secret this week on General Hospital.

Brad is still keeping his secret on General Hospital concerning the true identity of baby Wiley. The only other person who knows the real truth is Nelle. However, that may change this week when Brad pays a visit to his BFF, Britt Westbourne.

Britt has just been released from prison thanks to Anna Devane who is using her to lure Liesl Obrecht out of hiding. She is being closely monitored and staying with Anna, but the two friends may just get some alone time to catch up on their lives, and Brad most certainly has a lot going on lately. According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, he will be letting Britt in on a little secret.

The spoiler doesn’t come right out and say exactly what that secret is, but the best guess would be that he will confess that he did a baby swap with Nelle Hayes. But will he tell her the whole story? He may figure that Britt has done something in her past similar to that, so she would understand his situation. She was pregnant with Dante and Lulu’s stolen embryo and later gave birth to Ben, later renamed Rocco when he was reunited with his real parents.

Britt knows all about deception and Brad may be asking her for advice on what to do. Those two always had an interesting relationship. They have always had each other’s backs, but haven’t always made the best decisions. This time Brad has gotten himself way over his head. It will be interesting to hear what Britt has to say if he admits to her that his and Lucas’ adopted son is really Michael Corinthos’ child that he believes is dead.

Since Britt knows all about keeping a child away from their real parents, she may just tell Brad to do the right thing. That doesn’t sound like the old Britt, but she seems to have softened up a bit from her old days on General Hospital.

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and spoilers tease that Brad, Lucas, and baby Wiley will be spending the holiday with the Corinthos family. That should make for an awkward time for Brad watching Michael spend time with the son he doesn’t know is still alive. It should make for an interesting family affair.

November sweeps is here, so be sure to keep watching General Hospital this month to see if Brad does more confessing than just to Britt.

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