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#GameOfThrones: Uggh! Danny Turns ‘Mad Queen’

After defeating the Night King, the whole Daenerys Targaryen, her unsullied and Dothraki armies and Jon Snow along with his Northern armies have marched to the capital Kings Landing. Reaching a while before, Danny lost her dragon after getting hit badly. And the rest is what we have seen in S08 E06 today.

It came like a shocker because the writers of the show have turned the character of Daenerys Targaryen into that of a Mad Queen like her father who is known as Mad King. Though the Golden Company soldiers have put down their swords after Daenerys armies seized them, the Dragon Queen has raided the whole of Kings Landing and dripped it in the fire. As the capital got burnt to ashes, the likes of Jon Snow and Arya Stark look worried as to why Danny turned such a Mad Queen.

Currently, on the internet, everyone is cursing the writers of the show for making Danny’s character such a negative one. And next Monday will finish off the whole of Game Of Thrones forever!

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