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Friends is the UK’s most popular streaming show, beating Stranger Things and The Crown

No one told us streaming was gonna be this way.

Yep, despite Netflix and Amazon pouring millions and millions into original content such as Stranger Things and The Crown, it seems Brits just want to sit down with a bit of Friends.

According to Ofcom’s Media Nations report the 90s sitcom remains as popular as ever, with the show topping the list of the most-streamed shows in the UK from earlier this year following its addition to the streaming service in January.

It beat the likes of Amazon’s big hitter The Grand Tour, as well as staple Netflix originals like The Crown, Stranger Things and Black Mirror.

Here’s the full list:

The data is between January and March, to be fair, so only accounts for the first few months of Friends’ release. Plus, Netflix is notoriously secretive about its actual viewing figures – though it’s Ofcom, so we’ll take it as a reliable source.

Digital Spy has reached out to Netflix for comment.

While Friends clearly remains as popular as ever, its addition to Netflix caused a bit of a stir after some viewers realised how dated it is.

Some called it out for being “homophobic and misogynistic”, including jokes about Ross Geller’s ex-wife being a lesbian. Many also pointed out the lack of diversity in the cast.

Meanwhile, star Jennifer Aniston recently revealed that she “fantasises” about a Friends reunion, even though Matt LeBlanc isn’t so keen.

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