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EW Entertainers of the Year: Daniel Levy on Killing Eve star Sandra Oh

Daniel Levy stars on Pop’s Schitt’s Creek, which returns for season 5 on Jan. 16 after a Christmas special on Dec. 19.

I was in film school when I was first introduced to Sandra, by way of the Canadian indie gem Last Night, and I have been a fan ever since. Grey’s Anatomy was such an amazing vehicle for her to show the world what she does so well — strong, dry, acidic comedy with just the right amount of warmth and fragility.

Then, funnily enough, a friend of mine told me that she had read an article about Killing Eve where Sandra had mentioned her fondness for [my show] Schitt’s Creek. I remember thinking, “I need to see this show. I need to know who was smart enough to cast her as the lead.” Obviously it was [creator] Phoebe Waller-Bridge. And obviously the show was brilliant. From the first scene of episode 1, Killing Eve is this magical alchemy of comedy and drama and suspense and fashion and music and art. It shouldn’t work so harmoniously, and yet it does.

I’ve tried to play it cool with Sandra over Twitter. I said, “Hey.” Haven’t heard back, but the woman is busy breaking down walls. I know I’ll get to say hi one day.

As a Canadian, we love Canadian success stories, and I couldn’t be cheering harder for Sandra and the show from the sidelines. This is also my official pitch for a walk-on role in season 3. Thanks so much for your time.

As told to Patrick Gomez

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