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Evaru Appears On Prime: No 50 Days Agreement?

In recent times, many big films have faced the threat of appearing on Amazon Prime before actually, viewers lost any kick of them to watch them in theatres. At a time when films are still running in theatres, they appeared on Prime Video, thus worrying producers. For the same reason, the Telugu industry made agreements such that a blockbuster film will be released on Prime-only after 50 days.

We have films like Maharshi, Brochervarevaru Ra and Agent Athreya releasing very late on Prime Video owing to these agreements. But movies like Ninu Veedani Needanu Nenu and Kathanm, which tanked at the box office, released much in advance. However, at a time when they claimed that Evaru is a mega-blockbuster, it is a shocker to see the film releasing just 30 days after the theatrical release. Evaru opened in theatres on August 15th only.

“Evaru” still has a 50% occupancy rate at national level multiplex chains if the data is anything to go by. But surprisingly, the film appeared on Prime Video and already a few folks started to enjoy the movie there on the digital streaming site. One wonders if producers of the film failed to do the 50-days-later-only agreement with Amazon for this movie.

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