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EastEnders salutes Pauline Fowler as Cora Cross takes on Rainie with a frying pan

It was a tough night for Rainie Cross on EastEnders (November 13), as things got shockingly violent between her and her mother Cora.

Cora has been trying to stop Rainie and Max get custody of baby Abi, by exposing their fake marriage and revealing that her daughter slept with Jack.

Things came to ahead tonight in the Queen Vic, as the mother and daughter had a huge bust-up, with Cora laying Rainie out.

But there was worse still to come.

Later, Rainie paid a visit to Cora at Ian Beale’s house and tried to extend an olive branch and insist they all work together to do what’s right for Abi.

Rainie wanted Max to take Abi for a walk while she tried to work things out with her mum, but Cora was having none of it.

As Max was about to take Abi away, Cora said “over my dead body” and lifted a frying pan before whacking Rainie over the head with it and knocking her out.

As Rainie fell to the ground, Ian walked in to observe the scene and simply said “what?” echoing the thoughts of many viewers.

Longtime fans also noted that Cora was delivering quite the callback to iconic character Pauline Fowler who, in 1993, laid out husband Arthur with a frying pan after discovering his affair.

And it all happened in the very same house!

Later, things got worse for Max as the police arrived to take baby Abi away.

Is this the end for Max’s hopes of getting custody of his granddaughter?

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