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Diljit Dosanjh postpones Houston show after FWICE’s objection

Singer and actor posts on social media that he loves his country and will always stand for the greater interest of the nation

Diljit Dosanjh on Wednesday announced the postponement of his show in the US after the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) called on the actor-singer to cancel the gig, allegedly organised by Rehan Siddiqi, a Pakistani national.

The FWICE, in an August 31 release, asked the Arjun Patiala actor to pull out from the show in national interest amid tensions between the two countries.

“We have just seen a poster of Diljit Dosanjh who is giving his performance in a show organised by Rehan Siddiqi (a Pakistani national).

“We are writing to him to cancel this commitment of his in the interest of sentiments and dignity of our nation,” the release stated.

Diljit, who was set to perform in Houston on September 21, shared his statement on Twitter, saying he was unaware of any such intimation by the federation until today.

The actor said the interest of the country will always precede his personal interests.

“I would like to state that my contract is only with ‘Shri Balaji Entertainment’ my dealings and agreement is with them only and nobody else that is mentioned in the article or federation letter.

“However in lieu of the letter by the FWICE I have decided to postpone my Houston show at this time. I love my country and will always stand for the greater interest of the nation. India always,” he said in a statement issued Wednesday.

The FWICE also claimed, citing reliable sources, that artists such as actor Saif Ali Khan and singer Shreya Ghoshal are performing in America at the behest of Siddiqi, who is also the promoter of the shows.

“It is our humble request to all our country’s performers not to give priority to monetary considerations and refrain from being a part of any such project with Pak nationals and Pak performers anywhere in the entire world.”

In a separate statement addressed to Ministry of External Affairs, issued on September 3, the FWICE had called for the cancellation of Diljit’s visa “to restrain his performance in America as it will be labeled anti national”.

The development came almost a month after singer Mika Singh faced a ‘ban’ from the FWICE for performing at a wedding in Karachi.

The decision was overturned after Mika issued an apology.

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