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Corrie’s Tina McIntyre ‘returns’ as Carla tests relationship with Peter

Coronation Street fans will be hit with a serious sense of deja vu next week as Carla Connor and Peter Barlow begin to get close one again as they partner up to run the factory.

But Carla will test the growing spark between them by using his old flame Tina McIntyre. And no – she hasn’t come back from the dead.

Peter and Carla were torn apart when he began an affair with Tina, who was later murdered by Carla’s brother Rob Donovan.

As the pair begin running Underworld together, an attraction begins to brew once more.

Yet Carla isn’t sure whether she wants to go down that path again and get hurt. So, in a bid to see whether Peter really has changed, she tests him with a Tina lookalike looking for a job at the factory.

Actor Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter, told TV Times: "When interviewing a new machinist at Underworld, Carla is struck by how much like Tina one of the applicants is. So she decides to let Peter interview her and see how he handles it. She is testing whether or not he has changed. "

But will he pass the test? You’ll have to wait and see! Peter is older and wiser and maybe not as impulsive as he once war. He is going to prove that he can help run the business successfully and then he’ll sit back and see what happens."

"But with Nick Tilsley about to arrive back on the scene, anything could happen!’"

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Some fans will be ecstatic to hear that Carla and Peter are getting close once more – but the pair have a LOT of baggage.

Carla first fell for Peter when she developed a drinking problem, but she was rejected and he ended up marrying Leanne Battersby.

Following her horrific ordeal at the hands of Frank Foster, she began an affair with Peter which was later exposed in court and helped Frank get acquitted of raping Carla.

Carla and Peter then married in 2013 but just weeks after the wedding he began an affair with Tina. Carla found out and finished with Peter, but ended up having a miscarriage due to the stress.

Can Peter and Carla make their relationship work this time around?

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