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Christmas on 'Red Table Talk': See Which Smith Kid Was 'So Upset' at Jada and Will for Lying About Santa

The Smith family walks us through their most beloved family traditions, some of which aren’t a pleasure for Will.

It was Christmas with the Smith family on Monday’s holiday edition of "Red Table Talk."

Jada Pinkett Smith gushed over her family’s holiday traditions while her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, smiled throughout the episode and her daughter, Willow, groaned. Most notably, Willow was not happy for her mom to spill the beans that she and her brother, Jaden, believed in Santa "for a very long time."

"Willow the longest, I think," Adrienne added.

Apparently Willow was very upset with her parents for lying to her once she realized Santa was just a myth.

"Willow got on me, she was like, ‘The worst parenting ever. I can not believe you made me believe there was a Santa Claus and there’s not,’" Jada explained through laughter. "She was so upset when she found out there was no Santa Claus, and she was older. I won’t give away how old she was."

"No, I wasn’t!" Willow protested. "I was very young, for everyone watching, and then I devoted my life to science."

Jada, however, continued to revel in the family holiday nostalgia.

"I take credit because I had you believing in elves, I had you believing in reindeer and I had you believing in Santa Claus," Jada boasted. "When we used to go in those sleigh rides in the woods, they’d have the little headlights and they’d be so tiny. Like, ’Oh mommy, what is that?’ ‘Those are the elves, they’re helping Santa out with the gifts."

"So annoying," Willow said as she rolled her eyes.

The episode kicked off with the three stars entering in Christmas pajamas, which is one of Jada’s favorite holiday traditions. Her husband, however, is not fond of all of her holiday activities.

"In our household, Will is not always for my traditions," she said, and then rolled tape of grumpy Will in action while complaining about her doing "too much for Christmas," like forcing the family on a sleigh ride.

One of the most interesting points of discussion was bringing boyfriends home for Christmas. Willow immediately made it clear she doesn’t agree with that label, to begin with.

"It gets people into a lot of expectations and rules," Willow explained. “And I feel like people forget about the friendship that actually needs to be there in order for you to have a real relationship, because that’s what actually lasts."

When a viewer wrote in to ask the Smiths if they think it’s appropriate to bring a boyfriend of six months home to meet the family on Christmas, Jada took her daughter’s advice.

"How about this: You can bring somebody and say they’re just a friend," she said. "Somebody you just want to spend time with, you don’t need to put that label on it to get everyone stirred up."

Part of the appeal of this show is a glimpse into the idyllic family life of the Smiths, and viewers got a very special treat when producers rolled footage of Will and Jada making an adorable Christmas Eve confessional video for Willow in 2010.

"Alright Willow, for one day when you’re older. It’s me and your mother pretending to be Santa Claus," Will said. "Santa Claus didn’t drink the damn milk, I did. And then I ate the cookies. I ate some of the carrot that was for the reindeer."

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