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Bunny Revealed Pushpa Title Long Back, Nobody Noticed

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa garnered all the deserved attention for the non-conventional title and the rustic first look of Bunny in it. The stylish star saved his style for the next film to appear as a red sander smuggler with a brown-faced Pushpa Raj in this.

Well, the title shocked many as they did not expect it to be, but if we scroll down to some old tweets of Bunny, we would now know that the naughty him revealed it back in November when all this discussion started.

It was the time when Allu Arjun officially announced the movie in Sukumar’s direction and he shared the enjoyment from the madness when the two are together leaving some symbols that look like a random set of signs. Actually, it reads PUSHPA, and we could read it now after six months and the actor gave us the title then and there.

So next time when Bunny tweets something, needless to say, that every letter and sign of it goes into interrogation and we hope he gives us more puzzles next time with much-needed updates hidden in it. 

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