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#BiggBoss S03 E12: House Gets First Captain, But..

At least someone makes some sort of sense in Bigg Boss house, but they don’t get any deserving position inside the house. That’s what happened with Himaja last night, but then, popular vote always goes to those who could swing the mood and never cares for goods and bads.

Last night Bigg Boss has given a task where the person who first touches a diamond will become King for the house until the next time buzzer rings. Varun Sandesh got the chance first and became King, and made HImaja wash clothes, Mahesh do cleanup inside the bedroom. Then Ali Reza became the second king and asked all the men to dress up as women and do a dance. While Varun Sandesh refused to do it, Tamanna called this a crap thought along with Jaffer.

However, Tamanna has crossed the limits by mouthing Ali Reza some sharpest words including that he could never become a hero in the Telugu industry and she will look to that. On the other hand, Himaja after getting hold of the diamond next time has stunned everyone by giving them a chance to speak openly and express their unexpressed thoughts. That’s an emotional scene we have to say.

Later when Bigg Boss asked to choose the first captain of the house among Varun, Ali and Himaja, 6 of them voted for Varun and 6 for Ali. To break the tie, Himaja cast her vote in favour of Varun and helped him become the First Captain of the house.

Looks like the house got divided into two factions already with Varun Sandesh and Ali Reza leading the packs. However, they should have chosen Himaja as she is the only female option, and also a sensible girl among the lot.

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