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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 71: Mahat gets evicted, Yaashika wants to leave the show too

On Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, Kamal Haasan did not waste too much time in announcing that the red card was given to Mahat in the house. Mahat, who was nominated for eviction, left the show as the results of the vote were announced. He received the red card from the audience for his attitude in the house against Mumtaz and Daniel.

Following this, Mahat said goodbye to his friends in the house and apologised to everyone who was hurt in the house by his behaviour. Yaashika couldn’t stop herself from crying; neither could Aishwarya. Weeping her heart out, Yaashika told Aishwarya that she did not want this to happen. She was in love with Mahat after all.

Janani, Balaji and Riythvika told Mahat to be confident and change his ways. Janani, in fact, told him to go out and have a word with Prachi, who, he believes, is still his girlfriend. He must have realised about her open letter now that he is out. Addressing the audience, Mahat told them that, he thought, temper was his weakness and once housemates targeted that, he felt trapped. He had reasons to believe that it was triggered by others in the house. He apologised and told Kamal Haasan that he would change for the better.

Kamal also requested the people to give Mahat another chance for him to change his ways. Once Mahat left the house, Kamal spoke to the housemates about appointing a new captain as Mahat was the out-going captain. Riythvika had received a prize for being fair in her judgment last week and that saved her from nominations the coming week.

The housemates, who are usually saddened by the exit of a housemate, seemed blissfully happy and skipped about in the garden and enjoyed the rest of the day even as Yaashika and Aishwarya discussed what would happen in the house next. Yaashika warned Aishwarya to be careful of Mumtaz from now on and the two decided to nominate each other in the coming week.

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First Published: Aug 27, 2018 11:11 IST

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