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Bigg Boss 15 premiere episode review: Salman Khan show was a yawn-fest

While the premiere episode was meh, it will be interesting to see how the contestants fare in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 15.

Before I begin, let me say it – I love watching Bigg Boss, and I was looking forward to its 15th season, which premiered recently. However, this time, I was BORED to death.

Bigg Boss 15’s premiere episode started at 9:30 pm on October 2 and ended at around 12:30 am. But picture abhi baaki thi mere dost as the episode continued on Sunday as well. Host Salman Khan welcomed the audience in his inimitable style. And even before we knew, we were introduced to the first contestant – Jay Bhanushali. At first I thought – oh, maybe the makers have decided to not stretch the episode – but of course, I was wrong. Salman took his sweet time to explain this year’s theme to Jay as well as viewers. He chatted with Jay for so long that I really thought that maybe there is a twist, maybe Jay is not a contestant, which again was not true.

As the episode proceeded, we met the contestants, out of which Vishal Kotian and Tejasswi Prakash caught my attention for grabbing maximum footage. In fact, during their interaction with Salman, even the actor looked visibly annoyed and bored. Vishal went on to narrate a long story of how he landed the chance of being on Bigg Boss, while Tejasswi’s overacting made matters worse.

Vidhi Pandya appeared too immature, and Umar Riaz mugged up the Bigg Boss rule book written by his brother Asim Riaz, who had participated in Bigg Boss 13. The more you watch Umar, the more you recall Asim. And can I also say that Asim’s rapping skill was yet another thing I absolutely didn’t enjoy about the premiere episode?

The first episode of the show was nothing but a yawn fest, and sadly, even Ranveer Singh (who had come to promote his Colors TV show Big Picture) couldn’t spice it up.

Moving on, we were also introduced to a new character – a gorilla. Named Big G, the gorilla will appear mostly during the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes and will also take Vishwasuntree’s message to the housemates. Was he fun? No.

And now coming to Vishwasuntree. Vishwasuntree was introduced as a sankat for the housemates. But she is also a sankat for viewers. In the promos, we heard Rekha as its voice. But the premiere episode disappointed us. Vishwasuntree’s voice is anything but pleasant. And why is there an erotic tone to her voice? Only the makers know the answer to this.

On the second day, Salman welcomed Bigg Boss OTT finalists Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat. As soon as they entered the show, the dynamics of the house changed. The makers also gave a glimpse of the contestants’ first day in the house. As soon as Pratik, Shamita and Nishant entered, they were given the right to use every luxury of Bigg Boss house. The trio also was given the power to become the captain of the house and stay immune from eviction till the time they are in the main house.

As expected, Pratik attracted attention for his equation with Meisha Iyer. Pratik also got into a fight with Umar. What was unexpected was Jay Bhanushali’s angry young man avatar. During a task, Jay lost his cool on Simba Nagpal as the latter said that he was not able to bond with Jay because of the age gap. Even Afsana Khan and Tejasswi were at loggerheads. So, the fights have already begun.

While the premiere episode was meh, it will be interesting to see how these contestants fare in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 15.

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