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Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar written update day 61: Nikki Tamboli voted out, Vikas Gupta and Rakhi Sawant enter the show

As season finale approached, Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan was full of entertainment, drama and new twists. While Nikki Tamboli was voted out, the host also introduced challengers Vikas Gupta and Rakhi Sawant who will compete with the finalists on the reality show.

The episode began with Salman teasing the presence of ghosts in the Bigg Boss house and reiterating that the show will continue for a few weeks despite the ‘finale’ being held this weekend. The contestants then gave some dance performances.

During a task, contestants were seen crying as they watched their own journeys. In an interesting conversation, Abhinav Shukla revealed that his marriage is fine, and that he is not getting divorced. He was responding to the caller of the week who asked the status of his marriage post the two months spent inside the Bigg Boss house. “I fell in love with Rubina all over again and we are one unit now,” he said. Salman then joked that it was great strategy on Abhinav’s part to get inside the house and show Rubina what fights really are. “Mere baad ye hai duniya, ye hain tumhare options. Inke saath jana chahogi (This is the world and these are your options to replace me, do you want to go with them?) Rahul, Jaan, Eijaz? Nishant?”

Salman then announced that Nikki has been voted out. She started crying and Salman assured her of her growing popularity. Soon after she walked out, Eijaz told Abhinav that Nikki will be back in the Bigg Boss 14 house, citing the example of Kavita Kaushik. “Votes ke liye gayi hai, lekin show ke liye important hai (She got evicted due to less votes but she is important for the show).” He also said that Rahul was unlikely to be evicted and that Jasmin did not deserve to be on the show. Jasmin, meanwhile, told Rubina that whoever comes close to Eijaz gets evicted – Jaan Kumar Sanu, Pavitra Punia, and now Nikki. When Rubina asked if she seriously believes this, Jasmin shrugged.

Salman introduced Vikas as the first challenger and he compared the Bigg Boss house to a ‘detox centre’. “I really needed funds, that is the reason I decided to do this. I have to win this because I need the money,” he candidly confessed. Vikas described Rahul as ‘Kabir Singh’, because of the way he talks to women, but called him ‘real’. He called Rubina ‘badi didi (elder sister)’ who chides people for not doing chores. Vikas said that Abhinav seems to have suddenly woken up in the last two weeks after being silent for so long. He also labelled Jasmin as an ‘achchi bachchi (good kid)’ while he used the moniker ‘naughty at 40’ for Eijaz.

Salman then offered five challenges to Vikas, and said that he needs to complete three of those before the coming Wednesday. Vikas would be given two “Joker cards” if he completes those three challenges and the cards would empower him to change destinies of two contestants on the show, Salman added. The first challenge was to provoke Rubina and Abhinav to have a fight in front of everyone. The second was to finish a week’s worth of ration within three days. The third challenge was to get Rubina to side with the person whom Abhinav fights with. The fourth challenge was to wake every contestant from their sleep under some pretext for the next four days. The fifth challenge was to get the contestants to object to Rahul’s singing. Vikas expressed confidence about fulfilling all the challenges, adding that the one regarding Rahul may hurt the singer.

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Salman also introduced Rakhi Sawant as the second challenger and she made a prank call to Rahul, introducing herself as his ‘girlfriend’ Disha Parmar. “Tumne jo ring di thi solitaire ki, woh solitaire nakli nikla (The diamond in the ring you gave me is fake),” she teased him, referring to his marriage proposal. However, he did not fall for the prank and recognised Rakhi’s voice.

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