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Bigg Boss 14: ‘Eijaz Khan’s ex-girlfriend was cheating on him with me’, Vikas reveals

Vikas Gupta, who recently re-entered the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 14, has said that Eijaz Khan’s ex-girlfriend was cheating on him. Vikas had to be thrown out of the house after he pushed Arshi Khan into the swimming pool during a fight. He returned to the house earlier this week.

During a task, when Eijaz stood up to speak, Vikas got into a fight with him. After a heated exchange, Vikas walked off. Nikki Tamboli then followed Vikas, trying to cool him down. Vikas the told Nikki, according to India Today, “Ek ladki thi, mai usse friendly ho gaya tha. Wo iski girlfriend thi. Malum chala wo ispe cheat kar rahi thi mere saath. (I became friendly with a girl. She was his girlfriend. Then, I got to know that she was cheating on him with me).”

As they got into anther fight and tried to charge towards each other, Vikas questioned Eijaz, “Did she file the case because of me? Do not spread these false claims here.” Eijaz had earlier told Arshi Khan that Vikas had instigated the girl to file a case against him and his family.

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Eijaz had also revealed, a few weeks earlier, that he was in relationship with a girl and it ended on a very bad note. Not only did she cheat on him, she also filed a rape case against him, but took it back later, Eijaz had claimed. He had also said, without naming the girl, that she was very cruel and had locked up his dogs just to torture them.

“I used to help all women and protect those that needed it. There was one such and later I was charged with rape because I promised I’d marry her but didn’t. She made it into a rape case and I had to go to jail,” Eijaz had told Sidharth Shukla.

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