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Bigg Boss 12 evicted contestant Jasleen Matharu: My relationship with Anup Jalota was only a stupid prank

Jasleen Matharu had entered Bigg Boss 12 with bhajan maestro Anup Jalota as a vichitra jodi. At the launch, the two had claimed that they were dating for more than three years.

While Jasleen Matharu is happy that she survived 12 weeks in Bigg Boss 12, she feels her eviction was untimely. Speaking exclusively to, the singer said, “It was a beautiful journey for me. I really felt I deserved to go till the finale and I was just a couple of weeks away from it. While I am excited to have been on the show, I really feel the eviction came at a wrong time.”

Host Salman Khan evicted Jasleen and Megha Dhade on Saturday. The double eviction blow came on them as no one was eliminated last week from the show. Talking about the same, Jasleen shared, “Even if the decision came from Bigg Boss, the entire process was a little unfair towards us. Megha got nominated after her fight and Surbhi (Rana) was given the opportunity to nominate among the others. She would obviously nominate her enemies. And then the same nomination was carried forward. So I feel sad that the lovely journey had to end on such a sad note.”

Jasleen had entered Bigg Boss 12 with bhajan maestro Anup Jalota as a vichitra jodi. At the launch, the two had claimed that they were dating for more than three years. But after Anup got evicted, he went back on his words and called Jasleen only his student. When asked to clarify the truth about her relationship with Anup, Jasleen said, “After I came out I realised the blunder. Actually, it was my stupid prank that went wrong. At the premiere night, just for fun, I told everyone we are dating. I thought Anup ji will clarify the same on stage but he did not. Maybe it was too shocking for him. And then we entered the house immediately and did not get a chance to clarify.”

Adding that it was not a game plan, the 28-year-old said, “We were just playing along all this while. But it really got messy and complicated. It was also quite embarrassing for my parents and Anupji’s family. When he came on the show again to meet me, I was numb. My reactions might have been misleading but I was too happy to see him. After being on the show for so long, you crave for support. I had decided I would talk and clear it all out once I am out. I will also meet Anup ji and apologise to him.”

When asked if she regretted her move or felt she would have had a better run if she hadn’t entered with Anup, Jasleen said, “I don’t know. But see, Anup ji is a very calm person while I am quite hyper. If someone tries to be smart with me, I react. And in a show like Bigg Boss, you have to stand for yourself every time. So with Anup ji, he would try to keep me calm and stop me from reacting. After he was gone, I am sure people must have seen a difference. I was like a free bird then.”

Time and again Jasleen got involved in fights with the girls of the house. Sharing that she has never bonded well with women, the actor said, “I have faced this issue from my childhood. As much as I tried to be nice to my girlfriends, they end up being jealous and cold towards me. Somi Khan was also insecure about my closeness with Romil Chaudhary. I was really hurt with her statements that I am after him for support. He is a married man and to fight over him is below my dignity. Also, I had a very tumultuous relationship with Srishty Rode, for reasons unknown to both of us.”

While Megha Dhade, Dipika Kakar and Sreesanth will remain her friends for life, Jasleen is clear who she will never want to meet. “Rohit Suchanti, Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana are really ill-mannered people and I can never be friends with them. Also, as much as Srishty detested me, I have the same feelings for her,” she concluded with a laugh.

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