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Bigg Boss 12, day 64 summary: Sreesanth, Surbhi Rana and Somi Khan safe from nominations

The in-house dynamics have been changing fast in the Bigg Boss 12 house. Since all the contestants were nominated for evictions except Romil Chaudhary, Bigg Boss introduced a game to save three of them. The contestants have again chosen sides leading to the formation of three unofficial groups. The happy club remains intact with Rohit Suchanti being an on and off addition. Dipika Kakar, Sreesanth, Megha Dhade and Jasleen form the other group whereas Karanvir Bohra has been trying to create yet another faction with Srishty and Rohit.

Bigg Boss introduced a task to save three contestants from the nominations. As per the game’s rules, three contestants had to occupy three chairs in a designated area to be safe from the nominations. On every gong, one of the seated contestants had to switch his chair with his friend whom he wants to be declared safe. As the task began, Surbhi Rana, Deepak Thakur and Dipika Kakar occupied the chairs and were safe.

As the task progressed during the day, Surbhi and Deepak gave one of their chairs to Somi Khan to keep her safe. They kept on switching the other chair. Meanwhile, Dipika also switched her chair with Sreesanth and the two continued to exchange it among themselves. At the end of the game, Sreesanth, Surbhi and Somi were declared safe by the Bigg Boss.

An ugly fight took place between Jasleen Matharu and Deepak as the latter undermined her and raised concerns about her performance. On the other hand, Sreesanth refused to do any work saying that he is on bed rest. This did not go down well with captain Romil and other house inmates. A fun moment was also witnessed in the house as Somi and Rohit came close in order to tease Deepak.

First Published: Nov 20, 2018 11:55 IST

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