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Big Brother airs the results of mind-boggling reverse-nominations twist

Big Brother gave housemates a rare chance to actually be nice to one another in Monday’s (October 22) episode, but it was never going to be as simple as that, was it?

The house is still reeling from last Friday’s double eviction show, which ended with richest housemate Cameron having to single-handedly make the decision to evict Isabella Farnese — which she’s still angry about, by the way.

Cameron has felt miserable about his decision ever since, so Big Brother offered him and all the others remaining a chance to redeem themselves — by giving their favourite housemates positive nominations. In a total reversal, the ones with the most nominations this week would actually be safe.

Here’s how the positive nominations ended up in Monday’s highlight show:

  • Akeem voted for Cameron because they’re “like family” and Sian for “positively impacting” his time in the house.
  • Brooke voted for Zoe for inspiring her and Lewis because he’s the only one who understands her “properly as a human”.
  • Cameron voted for Lewis for being the “big brother” he always wanted and Tomasz for their “genuine connection”.
  • Cian voted for Zoe because he “really cares for her” and Sian for her “lovely presence”.
  • Lewis voted for Brooke because she’s “a pleasure to be around” and Cameron for being “an inspiration”.
  • Sian voted for Brooke for being “the closest person” to her and Cian for being “so energetic and happy”.
  • Tomasz voted for Cameron for starting a “beautiful friendship” and Zoe for being by his side from the start.
  • Zoe voted for Brooke for being like a sister and Cameron for his bravery.

Akeem, Cian and Tomasz got the lowest number of positive nominations and would thus face Friday’s eviction, along with the two housemates voted by the public: Sian and Brooke.

All of this week’s nominees will have a chance to save themselves later in the week when they take part in the Gamechanger. Big Brother continues on Tuesday (October 23) at the later time of 10.15pm on Channel 5.

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