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Bengaluru-based Prataya Saha’s short film streamed on Disney+Hotstar

The Good Wife is a 17-minute short film streaming on Disney+Hotstar. The film captures the beauty of ‘90s Kolkata and is written and directed by Prataya Saha. Starring Anshulika Kapoor, The Good Wife is about an alcoholic, abusive husband whose wife treats him like God until she finds out a nasty secret about him.

Prataya says, “We have been on a mission to present quality plays and films in Bengaluru since 2018. The Good Wife was a pinnacle for us because with this film we pushed every boundary. We went all the way to Kolkata to shoot despite financial constraints.”

Set in 1992, the director explains that The Good Wife is about the conditioning of women. “She [the protagonist] has been conditioned to care for her husband, serve his favourite fish and cook the best for him despite her being an introvert,” explains Prataya.

“Normally short films are put up on YouTube and short filmmakers are treated as part-time filmmakers. So, we sent it to a couple of film festivals and treated it like a feature work,” he adds.


The Good Wife has bagged 13 awards and has been a part of 25 film festivals both internationally and nationally.

The film can be viewed on Disney+Hotstar and is presented in association with the team’s distributor Cineshorts Premiere, Mumbai.

It won the Best Film Awards in Chicago and Toronto, as part of Vipra International Film Festival in Kochi

The film won the best actress award at Continental Film Festival, Toronto

It won the Jury award for best film at the prestigious Chennai International Short Film Festival.

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