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Battle Between Andy Cohen and Carole Radziwill Rages on As They Both Compare the Other to Trump

Who’s more “Trumpian” between the former “RHONY” star and the Bravo head honcho?

Carole Radziwill may be off Bravo, but she’s still tuning into the network to see what people are saying about her.

The former "Real Housewives of New York" star was clearly watching Jerry O’Connell’s new show, "Play by Play," on Monday night, as Andy Cohen stopped by the show to spill on their heated reunion interactions.

After saying he regretted yelling at Carole and Dorinda — explaining that "we were in minute 19 of discussing the nutcracker and I was like, can we wrap out of this conversation?" — he said he was not trying to defend Bethenny during the taping.

"Bethenny can defend herself, she doesn’t need me or anyone else to defend her," he said. "I am not scared of Bethenny. I’ve been told to ‘F–k off’ by Brandi Glanville, I’ve been pushed by Teresa Giudice. What you guys don’t know, I’ve had some knock down drag outs with Bethenny Frankel over the phone."

By the end of the season, the friendship between Bethenny and Carole had totally disintegrated. Frankel accused Radziwill of talking smack about her online, while Carole said she was only doing it in response to what Bethenny said about her on the show. When Cohen pointed out that they both "bashed each other on the show," Carole said Andy was "full of shit," claiming her remarks happened one time, while Bethenny made them all season long.

"I thought it was very Trumpian of her and I was very surprised by that," Cohen told O’Connell’s panel about the "full of shit" moment. "What show is she watching? All I was doing was pointing out, yeah, you both have been talking shit about each other. I wasn’t saying anyone was talking more shit or not."

"You’re both talking shit about each other. And you know we’re going to show the receipts," he continued. "We have the receipts and we’re going to show them so don’t deny that you never said anything [about] this person, because you both were talking shit about each other."

O’Connell was shocked to hear Cohen compare Radziwill to Trump — seriously, look at this reaction shot:


After seeing the moment play out last night, Carole went to Twitter to vent her frustrations — comparing Andy to POTUS as well.

"Lol. I stand by #FOS. Trumpian is what @Andy did. Created a false equivalent," she tweeted. "He said we both bashed each other ‘all season.’ Look at the clips. I was in the same outfit a black top. B/c it was all the last episodes in interviews taped 2 weeks before the reunion.#PlayByPlay"

Carole previously confirmed she will not return for "RHONY" next season.

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