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Anushka Sharma on Paatal Lok: This show proves that content is everything

Anushka Sharma on producing Paatal Lok, backing unique and honest stories and more.

In an interview with, actor Anuskha Sharma spoke about her experience of bankrolling a breakthrough show like Paatal Lok. The actor also got candid about what the audience expects from her and how she wants to churn out quality content and unique untold stories on a variety of platforms.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

1) Good content has come to be associated with your professional persona, first with films and now web series. How does that make you feel?

This is something I always wanted, that if my name is associated with a show, people expect it to be something they will want to watch. I am happy my work has been appreciated as an actor and now as a producer too.

2) Paatal Lok is being compared to critically acclaimed global content. How does that make you feel as a producer?

I don’t think about comparisons, but I am happy that it has become a huge talking point and established very firmly that content is everything. The only way to go forward is to stick to great storytelling and writing. I have always backed that even as an actor and believed that writers have to be treated with utmost respect. It’s something we have to focus on in the future if we have to generate content that is on an international level.

It makes me really happy that this is the show we have produced. Honestly, as a unit, we have been so aligned in the same direction and every aspect has been appreciated, from the writing to the actors and technical crew.

3) Having seen success in the web space, how do you view it?

On the OTT platform, one can flesh out the story and invest in its characters, unlike in feature films because of the limited time. Hence, viewers connect with the characters more as they see more of them. Of course, one has to be sure of the content, idea and story which one plans to present on the OTT platform.

4) What does being an actor and producer mean to you? Are you more inclined towards one role?

Being an actor allows me to get a perspective into somebody’s life very deeply, to live it over a period of time. It’s something that enables you to be less judgmental and more empathetic as a person. It plays a huge part in your individual growth; that’s the beauty of it, that’s why I love acting so much. I will continue to act till I can walk and talk.

As a producer, it’s another way to express myself creatively. I want to take decisions which are bold and push the envelope. I want to use my position as an actor to be able to back content and ideas which are truly phenomenal, path-breaking and unique in the stories that we tell. I enjoy being an actor and producer equally. I don’t have a favourite. I think acting is something I have done for much longer and production, we started doing only six years ago. We are learning from our mistakes as we go along, refining what we have done in the past.

Paatal Lok is the result of many steps we have taken as producers, right from NH10 to now. It’s going to be a continuous process of learning, unlearning and sticking close to the vision we have for our company, which is to push new, unique and honest stories.

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