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Annup Sonii completes course in ‘crime scene investigation’, netizens say ‘You’ve taken Crime Patrol role very seriously’

Annup Sonii shared a photo of the certificate on social media and said he was happy to have done something "constructive" during the lockdown.

After successfully hosting television show Crime Patrol, a course in ‘crime scene investigation’ is not surprising for actor Annup Sonii. And the actor is elated that he has completed the short term certificate course in something “constructive”, Annup took to Instagram to share the certificate that he received upon completing the course.

“‘Certificate Course In “Crime Scene Investigation’. During the recent lockdown I decided to invest my time and energy into something more constructive. Yes, it was extremely challenging, going back to ‘studies of some sort.’ But definitely, a choice that I am proud of #studies #study #longdistancestudying #education #knowledge,” Annup wrote alongside the photo of the certificate.



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As soon as the actor posted the certificate, his fans and friends from the industry congratulated him and called him inspiring. Actor Pragati Mehra wrote, “Wow!! That’s taking your role’ at crime patrol veryyyyy seriously,” while a fan of the actor commented, “Super! Now the real investigating officer hosting the show would be icing on the cake.” While another joked, “Why be the narrator, when you can Strait up be the investigator.”

Annup Sonii has been hosting Crime Patrol on Sony TV for the last 11 years. Crime Patrol is the longest-running crime series in the country. Annup joined the show in its second season in 2010. The actor had to quit the show in the middle of the fourth season in 2017 due to other work commitments. However, he returned to the show in 2019.

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