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Amyra Dastur: Bollywood has become everybody’s favourite punching bag

In the past few months, Bollywood has been called a dark place, a big bad world where people from outside the film industry are sidelined. But Amyra Dastur says that so much of negative publicity around the film industry is indeed sad.

“At the end of the day Bollywood is everyone’s favourite punching bag. So even when item songs were a big thing people were like you know it is objectifying women. It is no surprise that the film industry has been blamed for everything. I don’t see it that way,” shares Dastur.

The actor admits that she has had a “couple of funny and odd experiences” however mostly it has been a happy experience. 

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“I feel like ultimately Bollywood is much-talked about and that is why it becomes the centre of attention for everything. Now with even the conspiracy theories that are going on, it makes no sense. For people like us, we know what the truth is but someone like my mother she will read this or see this and will believe it,” the actor explains.

Dastur says that after all this that has been happening around Bollywood, her parents have become very skeptical and question her.

“I have to explain to my parents that ‘no it is no like this’. I tell them that there are some people who are just bored and that’s why they are doing this. It is so sad that everyday something really odd and silly is coming out,” she says.

But the actor says that she is trying to remain unaffected by all that is happening in the film industry as she has always remain a bit detached.

“I just laugh and back off and do my thing. I have never been a social person anyway so I am happy that I am not socially connected to a lot of people. Yes, it is pretty crappy what’s happening, I feel like right now peoples e are not even working and so they have the time to come up with some of the odd things that are coming up,” she concludes.

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