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Amit Sadh in Nainital amid Covid-19 lockdown, says ‘not the time to show your life is rosy on social media’

Actor Amit Sadh is quarantining in the Himalayas, and how he got there is a story in itself. He was supposed to be in New York (US) around this time, but due to the coronavirus situation, he flew back the same day.

Sadh recalls, “I always go there (New York) in summer. I had meetings lined up with a big casting agency, too. But as soon as I landed, my sister called and said, ‘Get back on the same plane’. So, I took the next flight to India. The situation then, around March 15, wasn’t that bad. Since I had been reading a lot of material about this, I thought I should quarantine myself. That’s why I came to the hills.”

The 36-year-old adds that he made it a point to not meet anyone after his return. “Mumbai is under a lockdown now, but when I came back, everyone was still socialising. I felt it was not the time to do that. So, I came here, to Nainital. I never left my place here,” says Sadh.


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The one thing he rues is celebs posting their workout routines or videos online. Revealing that some of his friends asked him to do the same, he says, “I posted on Instagram [about] my experience, so people know everybody is going through some degree of separation. You need to be compassionate… I got pissed seeing people and my friends saying, ‘This is the time to laugh’. I said, ‘No, it’s not’. Somebody said, ‘Why not on fitness?’ I said no. It’s not the time to show your life is rosy, or to preach. The world is posting gym workouts, as if we’ve been quarantined to train.”

Elaborating more on how he’s staying busy, he says, “I’ve always been on a ‘lockdown’, the way I live my life. I wake up, make tea, spend time with nature. I do one hour of mobility and stretching, then yoga. I tried writing something, but it was so bizarre. Then I’m on social media for an hour to get a lowdown [on how things are],” he signs off.

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