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Aly Goni’s Bigg Boss 14 journey: Of his love for Jasmin Bhasin and a quick temper

Though Aly Goni entered the Bigg Boss 14 house only to be a pillar of strength to Jasmin Bhasin, he became a strong contender for the trophy himself.

Coming to Bigg Boss 14 was never on actor Aly Goni’s to-do list. But after watching close friend Jasmin Bhasin cry inconsolably, the actor could not stop himself from entering the house. He asked his manager to tell the makers that he is going inside the house. This is how Aly’s journey began in television’s most controversial reality show.

Though he entered the Bigg Boss house only to be a pillar of strength to Jasmin, he became a strong contender for the trophy himself. He entertained the viewers with his happy-go-lucky personality and his dedication to various tasks. He had one thumb rule in every task: Either win it or sabotage so that nobody else can win. With his uber-cool and friendly attitude, Aly managed to survive till the very end and become a finalist of Bigg Boss 14.

With just two days left to the finale of the show, we throw light on the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor’s journey:

Aly Goni-Jasmin Bhasin love story



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Even before entering the show, Aly had stated he wants his best friend Jasmin to win. He helped in making her game stronger and tried to explain who her real friends were. He didn’t shy away from pointing out her mistakes as well. After spending a lot of time together inside the house, both Aly and Jasmin confessed their love for each other. The two lovebirds, however, were separated soon. After losing a task, Aly opted to leave the house to let Jasmin shine. He made an emotional exit from the show only to come back on public demand. This time, he came back stronger. He showcased his strengths as an individual. He called a spade a spade even if that meant making enemies in the house. It was Jasmin’s untimely eviction that brought out the emotional side of Aly. He didn’t mind showcasing his vulnerability as well.



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Aly Goni-Rahul Vaidya friendship



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After Jasmin, Aly made a strong connection inside the house with singer Rahul Vaidya. He was ready to pick a fight with anyone who targeted Rahul. When it came to choosing a captain, Aly preferred his friend to himself. But while doing so, the actor lost the plot and failed to play the game to win. It seemed he wanted to primarily play for Jasmin and then for Rahul.

Every time Aly Goni lost his temper



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The actor’s journey in Bigg Boss was not a cakewalk. He had some ugly fights with fellow contestants Rakhi Sawant, Abhinav Shukla and Vikas Gupta. Aly lost his cool when Rakhi cursed Jasmin and him. He also couldn’t stand Vikas Gupta as he claimed that the TV producer replaced Jasmin and him from a show because of his personal vendetta. A couple of times, Aly got into a heated argument with Abhinav during tasks and men, who otherwise played a graceful game, called each other names.

Aly Goni and Sonali Phogat’s love angle



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When wild card contestant Sonali Phogat expressed her fondness for Aly for being a gentleman that he is, the TV actor respected her feelings. On her exit from the show, Aly promised to go on a date with her once he comes out of the Bigg Boss house. His grace was loved by the audience.

Aly Goni’s relationship with Rubina Dilaik

Aly forged another meaningful relationship in the house. After Jasmin’s eviction, he found emotional support in Rubina whom he addressed as his sister. Having said that, the two never supported or favoured each other in the tasks. Instead, they played against each other while maintaining the dignity of their relationship.

Now, it remains to be seen if Aly’s goodness will win him the trophy of Bigg Boss 14.

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