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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Cortney Might Have A New BF After Ditching Antonio

Fans are convinced Cortney’s new man is also her sugar daddy.

Each season TLC’s reality series 90 Day Fiance brings together couples who’ve fallen in love online but have never met in person. In the last season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, fans were introduced to 27-year-old Cortney Reardanz and her Spanish male model beau Antonio Millon. At the beginning of the season, fans watched a very nervous Reardanz as she prepared for a trip to Spain to see Millon, despite a few glaring red flags.

The couple had never spoken via video chat and Reardanz’s family and friends were convinced she had fallen victim to a catfish situation. However, when the Florida native arrived in Spain, she found that her Spanish lover was exactly who he said he was.

Unfortunately, the romance was short-lived as the couple parted ways due to Millon’s refusal to settle down. Reardanz decided to call it quits after the season ended and has since moved on.

According to In Touch Weekly, the blonde beauty has a new man in her life, who fans think may also be her sugar daddy. Reardanz recently took to her Instagram stories to answer questions from fans of the show.

The 90 Day Fiance star is fairly private, so it comes as no surprise that fans took the opportunity to get as much information as possible, and Reardanz answered openly.

Thanks everyone for your support ♥️ ! I know our story is not going the best but keep watching and find out what happens … My sweet Cornyyyy. Don’t be “jello” lol ????????‍♂️???????????????????????? ????#90dayfiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #tlc #usa #dontbejello #cleareyes #cortneyandantonio #love #me #cute #photooftheday #hair #beauty #beautiful #instagood #pretty #swag #pink #clothes #girl #shoes #heels #dress #styles #outfit #shopping #malemodel #actor #cute #GMF

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She first mentions her mystery man when one fan asked about her opinion on Islam.

“My bf is Syrian, he was raised in Saudi, he was raised Muslim but is not religious anymore,” she responded.

The mention of a new man prompted more dating and relationship questions from curious fans.

“I’ve been ‘living’ at my boyfriend’s. I told my parents I live at my bf’s, and my bf I live at my parents’, so I shouldn’t pay rent/bills anymore,” she wrote about her current living situation, In Touch Weekly reports.

When asked what attracted her to him, she said, “He has a great per$onality,” after mentioning that he regularly buys her gifts like clothes, makeup, and handbags.

As for marriage, Reardanz said she has no plans to walk down the aisle right now but is incredibly content with her new man. When asked what she liked about him she said, “I love that he is accepting, logical, mentally/emotionally/financially stable, non-judgemental.”

“We have the same humor. He has been a huge part of my sanity and healing. He accepts me, encourages my growth, doesn’t try to control or change me.”

She has even credited him with helping her overcome her struggle with depression, “So many deep conversations, laughs, encouragement, acceptance and love. I am grateful for him.”

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