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‘83’ star Aditi Arya on her new thriller series

The model-turned-actor talks about starring in ‘Sumer Singh Case Files: Girlfriends’, and why she’s now a fan of the IPL

These days, when she’s not busy shooting, model and beauty pageant queen-turned-actor Aditi Arya is checking IPL match scores.

Cricket did not attract her earlier, but post her role in upcoming Hindi film 83, Aditi Arya has started following the game a little bit. Meanwhile, she is also basking in the success of her new show Sumer Singh Case Files: Girlfriends, streaming on Voot Select. Excerpts from a quick telephonic chat with her:

How was your experience working on Sumer Singh Case Files: Girlfriends?

It was quite an incredible experience. When I first auditioned for the show, I wasn’t too sure because I hadn’t met the team, nor had I seen the script.

I can’t relate to the character, Ananya, that I play on the show at all. She’s quite the polar opposite of who I am. She’s a complete party animal, whereas I’m an anti-social person who stays at home all the time. Then I met Namit sir (the director) and the way he went about the scenes and the reading, I felt confident that I could do justice to being a part of the project.

As soon as we started, then I met the cast at table readings. Ranvijay was too much fun, Karishma was very entertaining, and Priyanka was someone I became really close to. We just became a real close-knit team, and it was so much fun to shoot with them.

Priyanka would be in my vanity, or I’d be in Karishma’s vanity… we’d end up spending the whole day together. There was a lot of hanging out — even though we were playing characters who opposed each other on the show — and immense camaraderie.

There is a lot of excitement about upcoming film 83, which you are part of too…

It was like being in a frat house. We were shooting for it in London for a long time, and all of us became very close. Cricket training was also a part of the process, so we had a lot of fun together.

How much of a cricket enthusiast are you? Do you follow the ongoing IPL?

You cannot escape the game if you are Indian! But I’ve never had brothers or friends who would drag me to watch cricket. My interest in it developed after I became part of 83. I now keep track of IPL scores and have become a fan of Mumbai Indians.

You were an analyst in a company a few years ago, but now, you are a beauty pageant winner and into movies. How did that happen?

It was never the plan. The entertainment sector was not my calling initially. I think it happened because of the desire to not let go of an opportunity that came my way. When you look around, you see so many people trying to make a mark in the industry. Now that the path has opened for me, it is upto me to give my fullest. However, there is still selection and rejection at every step… I enjoy the unpredictability of it. Acting will always be close to my heart as it has helped me discover sides to me that I never knew existed.

Are you keen on Kollywood, and will we get to see you in the Tamil film industry anytime soon?

I have been very keen on doing Tamil films. Tamil cinema is not just popular; it’s big on content also. Even Malayali movies for that matter. I’ve heard incredible things about it and I can’t wait to be a part of them.

Sumer Singh Case Files: Girlfriends is currently streaming on Voot Select


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