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7 actors who left TV shows for really mysterious reasons

Our favourite television shows all feature great and harmonious working relationships between the cast and crew (*cough*).

But sometimes, just sometimes, those relationships can break down.

Most of the time, we know exactly why an actor may choose to leave a show: be it for a more/less successful career in the movies, or because they got drunk and tweeted something racist / sexist / homophobic / delete as applicable.

Here are seven actors, though, who left shows but we never really knew why or exactly what happened to make them leave.

1. Ruth Wilson, The Affair

Ruth Wilson left the Showtime series earlier this month when her character Alison was found dead, leaving viewers distraught.

When asked by CBS This Morning about her departure, Wilson stated, “I did want to leave, but I’m not allowed to talk about why.”

However, Showtime responded to her comments, “We can’t speak for Ruth, but heading into season four everyone agreed the character’s story had run its course. Ultimately, it felt like the most powerful creative decision would be to end Alison’s arc at the moment when she had finally achieved self-empowerment.”

The Affair comes to an end in its fifth season next year.

2. Phil Davis, Poldark

In the first two series of the shirt-removing Sunday night show from the BBC, Davis played Jud Paynter, Ross Poldark’s miserable, drunk manservant and, for many, one of the best characters.

But come the third outing and he was nowhere to be seen. In fact, Jud has not been seen since.

Explaining his absence, Beatie Edney (who plays his wife Prudie Paynter) said, “Jud is away, working for trade,” adding that she would miss Davis. The actor himself claimed that he was told by the production team that there wasn’t much of a storyline for his character.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Phil will be back for Poldark‘s final season next year.

3. Anthony Tyler Quinn, Boy Meets World

The cool teacher at John Adams High that everyone turned to in their hour of need, Mr Turner, was played by Quinn. He disappeared from the show after the season four finale where he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident where given he didn’t appear again, the implication was that he was killed.

But why did he leave?

When asked on Twitter, he simply replied, “Not sure I can answer that in only 95 characters.” Another used asked a similar question to which he provided more context, “Sometimes they make changes, and can’t figure out how to explain them. :(“

However, the final ep of Boy Meets World confirmed he was still alive and Quinn returned to the same role for several episodes of the spin-off sequel series, Girl Meets World.

4. Christopher Eccleston, Doctor Who

In a move that was less than ‘fantastic’, the BBC announced that Eccleston had quit the role of the Ninth Doctor just days after his first episode had aired back in 2005.

In a series of confusing events, the BBC said Eccleston feared being typecast and had found the series gruelling – although the BBC later accepted the statement was not correct and said it had not spoken to Eccleston before releasing it.

The truth? We’ll probably not know the entire story for some time though the actor did last year state:

“My relationship with my three immediate superiors – the showrsunner, the producer and co-producer – broke down irreparably during the first block of filming and it never recovered. They lost trust in me, and I lost faith and trust and belief in them.”

Eccleston is releasing his memoirs next year, so maybe a treasure-trove of TARDIS tales will be unleashed…

5. Robert Sheehan, Misfits

Very much the breakout star of the E4 fantasy show Misfits, Sheehan played the immortal Nathan. His character left for Vegas, with new partner Marnie and her newborn child, Nathan Junior, after selling his immortality.

Behind-the-scenes, no official reason was given for the split. Sheehan, in 2011, told Digital Spy he left for “completely unspecific” reasons” whilst four years later he told us he “was just a restless fella who was trying to go off and do as much different stuff as possible”.

Last year, it was announced Robert would be joining the cast of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, an adaptation of Gerard Way’s comic book.

6. Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife

Speaking to Digital Spy in 2015, the actress said of her exit from the hit CBS show, “Sometimes it’s good to go when things are good.”

Panjabi, who played Kalinda Sharma, sat out the last season of the legal drama and, whilst rumours suggested a rift with co-star Julianna Margulies, this appeared not to be the case. Margulies commented on the accusations commented on the accusations, “It’s totally gossip. There’s no animosity on my part.”

Rumours were rife after the two actresses were filmed separately and had to be stitched together using CG technology for their final scene. Panjabi did have this to say on the furore, “the decision-making process is not something I’m privy to.”

In an another interview with Digital Spy, Archie said in 2016 that she’s reluctant to appear in spin-off, The Good Fight.

7. TR Knight, Grey’s Anatomy

Dr. George O’Malley bit the big one in the season five finale of the long-running medical drama (and was confirmed as dead in the following season’s opener) after the actor decided to leave.

After incident with co-star Isaiah Washington, in which a homophobic slur was made about him, the actor was forced to come out as gay. However, Knight insisted that the incident had nothing to do with his decision to leave.

The year after he left, Knight stated that the “best decision” was “to move on,” though he did also cite a “breakdown in communication” with creator Shonda Rhimes and his character’s lack of screen time.

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