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6 of Celebrity Juice's most X-RATED moments, including Danny Dyer, bananas and plenty of balls

If you’ve ever tuned in for Celebrity Juice, or just so happen to have landed on it during a channel hop, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this here feature.

We’ve decided to round up some of the wildest moments from the post-watershed ITV2 show, so expect nudity, saucy suggestion and perhaps a little bit of swearing from here on out…

1. Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton and the banana

Keith Lemon knew exactly what he was doing when he devised an obstacle course based on going “Totally Bananas” – one that earned its name by instructing contestants to go around it whilst sharing a ‘nana in their mouths.

Best friends Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton got stuck in, and it resulted in a moment that was soon shared all over the internet. We’ll leave you to work out why, and you can eye roll accordingly.

2. Danny Dyer proves he has one massive testicle

Yes, this happened on national television.

When Keith bluntly asked the EastEnders actor whether or not it was true that his, er, meat and two veg were actually “really massive”, Danny declared that he has “one massive bollock”, then decided that the only suitable response was to get it out and let people decide for themselves.

“It weighs a f**king ton,” he said. “I’d love to whack it out. Can I whack it out?”

He then said he’d show his teammate Holly (who couldn’t quite believe what she was about to do “on medical grounds”) – and her reaction spoke for itself.

3. Declan Donnelly and the motorboat task

Back in 2014, I’m a Celebrity presenter Dec found himself in quite the compromising position when he came face-to-face with a bare-chested lady (#freethenipple). She was dressed as a chef, and had the word ‘MOTORBOAT’ written across her front. Because, of course she did.

The look of pure horror on Dec’s face was truly something to behold, and he was faced with the decision of whether or not to partake in the challenge.

He declined, in case you were wondering…

4. Mark Wright is gifted with a special sex toy

When wife Michelle Keegan was working away, Mark took part in Celebrity Juice.

Keith Lemon couldn’t let his time pass without referencing the fact, and decided to present his friend with a gift. Acknowledging that the couple often used FaceTime while apart, the show’s host explained that it was a gift for both of them in order to make them “feel closer” before presenting an iPad fitted with a faux vagina.

The former TOWIE star was a good sport though, stating: “I need that, ASAP.”

We’re sure Michelle was thrilled…

5. Nicole Scherzinger and her toes

The Pussycat Doll probably wasn’t expecting to be turned into a foot fetish (hey, whatever floats your boat) when she went onto the ITV2 show. And yet, here she is.

Taking part in the X Factor special back in 2013, the former judge was tasked with dipping her feet in some wellington boots for a ‘Boot Camp’ task – containing some sort of substance, of course – before Mr Lemon licked it all off.

6. The “lick my baubles” game

Just in time for Christmas, Keith Lemon dunked his baubles into a series of different things, which his celebrity guests then had to lick in order to guess what each one was coated in.

Michelle Keegan correctly detected cranberry sauce (how festive) and Fearne Cotton gagged as she tasted her pureed sprouts.

Celebrity Juice airs on Thursday nights at 10pm on ITV2.

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