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Massy ‘Acharya’ to a gritty crime drama

Chiranjeevi’s ‘Acharya’, Sushmita Konidela’s crime web series, and Teja Sajja in ‘Zombie Reddy’. Here’s what caught attention from Telugu filmmakers last weekend There’s a flurry of activity in the Telugu film fraternity, with new projects at different stages of development. The Ganesh Chaturthi festive weekend saw promotional content being unveiled to spark interest among moviegoers […]


‘Johaar’ review: A commendable attempt

Director Teja Marni looks at the social ramifications of building a humongous statue, through four stories inspired by true incidents At a crucial juncture in debut director Teja Marni’s Telugu political-social drama Johaar (streaming on Aha), political leader Vijay Varma (Chaitanya Krishna) explains how funds can be gathered, or rather diverted from the allocated budget, […]

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The ‘relatable’ women of Telugu cinema, from ‘Pelli Choopulu’ to ‘Krishna and his Leela’ and ‘Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna’

A new crop of filmmakers are ushering in closer-to-reality depictions of women in films with their eagerness to characterise multi-dimensional female protagonists For the many who do not follow Telugu cinema, any mention of this industry will bring up a larger-than-life imagery, one where hero-centric movies reign supreme. But there is another side to Telugu […]

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Director’s club

Five directors who stood out in Telugu cinema in the 2010s S S Rajamouli He’s easily the most recognised Telugu film director across India, and internationally, post Baahubali. The scale and the success of the two Baahubali films (2015 and 2017) paved way for a slew of pan-Indian projects. Before that came Eega (2012), an […]

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Lakshmi: I have lived a full life

As she looks forward to three diverse films, veteran actor Lakshmi looks back at her long innings in cinema and how it gave her the freedom she craved for Lakshmi is in her mid 60s; her flawless skin, sprightly walk and husky voice are intact. Just back from a shoot, dressed in a salwar kurta, […]

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Sree Vishnu: I was never a topper

The actor, whose film ‘Brochevarevarura’ is releasing soon, says he’s yet to break into the big league but is optimistic Sree Vishnu is a favourite with all newbie directors. All the directors who worked with him made news with their interesting films, be it Kishore Tirumala, Pavan Sadhineni, Sagar Chandra and now Vivek Atreya with […]