U.N. human rights chief slams Taliban over reprisal killings

Citing “credible allegations of reprisal killings of a number of former Afghan security forces personnel”, Michelle Bachelet criticised the Taliban for a disconnect between their words and actions. The U.N. human rights chief says her office has received credible allegations of reprisal killings by the Taliban of former Afghan security forces, as well as instances […]


In Panjshir, anti-Taliban forces repulse attacks

34 militants killed, 65 injured, they say The Taliban on Wednesday called on fighters in the holdout bastion of the Panjshir Valley to lay down their arms, as the resistance movement said it had repulsed heavy attacks. The rugged mountain valley with towering snow-capped peaks — which begins around 80 kilometres north of the capital […]


US shuts embassy in Afghanistan, moves it to Qatar

The United States has begun a new diplomatic mission in Afghanistan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said as the US withdrew its last troops from the country ending the 20-year war in the South Asian nation. Blinken said the US has shut down its diplomatic mission in Kabul and moved the embassy to Doha in […]


China wants ‘all parties to guide Taliban actively’

China has told the United States that the Afghanistan situation has undergone fundamental changes and it is necessary for ‘all parties’ to make contact with the Taliban and ‘guide it actively’, reiterating that America’s troop withdrawal may provide an opportunity for the resurgence of terrorist groups. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, during his telephonic conversation […]

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What’s the Aashiqui star’s Afghan link?

‘They didn’t speak Hindi or English, but love is a universal language.’ Anu Aggarwal, who shot to fame with movies like Aashiqui and King Uncle, suddenly vanished from the filmi world. The actress had met with a horrible accident, where she was in coma for 29 days. It was a trying time, and Anu, who […]