Mercury soars over weekend in Mumbai

Even as Mumbaikars experienced cold weather in the first two weeks of March, prolonging the arrival of the summer, the maximum temperature spiked over the weekend, from 30 degrees Celsius on Friday to 37 degrees on Sunday. The city saw unusually cold days and even colder nights with daytime temperatures staying under 30 degrees and […]


Summer may not help tackle coronavirus, say experts

The summer heat may not necessarily kill or significantly weaken Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19), say some experts, who have warned against “false hope” following an analysis from China that said the number of cases decreased after average temperatures crossed 8.72 degrees Celsius. Epidemiologists say that while rising temperature and […]


At 48°C, Palam records highest-ever June temperature

It was a scorching day in the Capital with the mercury rising to a new June high of 48°C at the Palam weather station under the influence of a severe heatwave. The record for the city is 48.4°C at Palam on May 26, 1998, said Devendra Pradhan, Additional Director General of India Meteorological Department. The […]


The world of gourds

Gourds should ideally be the kings of summer. The fleshy fruit of the Cucurbitaceae family has high water content that helps with hydration and to cool down the body. Ayurveda believes that gourds help lower the pitta (fire element) in the body. Kripa Jalan, nutritional coach and founder, Burgers to Beasts enumerates the many benefits […]


Summer festival fails to draw crowds

Delays in organising the event, crackdown of illegal buildings in Kodaikanal may be possible reasons The 10-day annual summer festival (Kodai Vizha), which was inaugurated on May 30, has not seen many visitors till Saturday. According to the officials at Bryant Park, every year 1 to 1.5 lakh people would visit the flower show, which […]


A thirsty Chennai waits

As the last of the waters evaporates from the Red Hills, Poondi, Sholavaram and Chembarambakkam reservoirs, Chennai is scrambling for every drop of precious blue gold thatit can get this summer. The city is now looking at the cavernous quarries scattered around it, some of which hold vast quantities of water. Giant pipes have been […]