More sore with democracy, but India a bright spot: Cambridge study

A new University of Cambridge report covering 154 countries over several decades finds that 2019 had the ‘the highest level of democratic discontent’ since 1995, but India and south Asia are among ‘bright spots’, where satisfaction with democratic governance is high. The report released on Wednesday, marking the launch of the university’s Centre for the […]


Notes from unlikely study-abroad destinations

As more Indian students head to nations that haven’t traditionally been centres of study abroad, a look at what it’s like to live in Armenia, Auckland, Belgium. Here are some student experiences. ‘Armenia feels like home’ Siva Veeraswamy, a student at Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia, says the biggest reason he chose the country is […]


Study flags need to protect agrobiodiversity

It will help sustain livelihoods, ensure food security and adapt to climate change A study by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) has called for steps for the protection and effective management of agrobiodiversity in the State to sustain livelihoods, ensure food security and adapt to climate change. The study ‘Institutional support for management of […]


CCMB study explains auto-inflammation

It is published in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences The human body’s immune system has receptors to detect proteins of pathogenic micro-organisms gaining entry into it. Our cells respond to them by secreting cytokines that causes inflammation and fever. However, there are cases of auto-inflammation where individuals suffer from inflammation without an infection! Familial […]


This doctor turns medical study into literature

Our limbic system had a complaint to make Every other system in the body would take All the credit for running the show And seemed no one even wanted to know And No one noticed, it was a busy time of the year What membranes to make and metabolites to clear…. These are some lines […]


Study claims transit access to Pune slums is the lowest at 23%

According to a study conducted by Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), Pune, transit access to slums in Pune is the lowest at 23 per cent. The study called ‘People Near Transit, Transit Near People’ was released on Friday. The research was based on how many citizens in Pune, have access to frequent public transport service. […]


Study finds semi-high-speed rail line feasible

Trains will move at 130-180 kmph to cover north-south rail corridor from Kochuveli to Kasaragod in four hours A 531-km semi-high-speed railway line from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod to improve connectivity, reduce congestion in the State’s road network and make travel hassle-free has been found ‘feasible and financially viable’. Also, dedicated railway lines to Thiruvananthapuram International […]


Three more had sub-clinical infection during Nipah: Study

Serosurvey held on those who had contact with 18 lab-confirmed Nipah patients Infrequent sub-clinical infections reportedly occurred among close contacts of patients during the Nipah outbreak in Kerala, which claimed its first victim exactly a year ago. A sub-clinical infection is the one that may not have any noticeable signs or symptoms. It was on […]


Humans make safer user profiles than AI: study

People trust human-generated profiles more than artificial intelligence-generated profiles, particularly in online marketplaces, reveals a study in which researchers sought to explore whether users trust algorithmically optimised or generated representations. The research team conducted three experiments, particularly in online marketplaces, enlisting hundreds of participants on Amazon Mechanical Turk to evaluate real, human-generated Airbnb profiles. When […]