Spirit seizure in T.N. keeps Excise dept. on its toes

16,000 litres of illicit spirit seized from Coimbatore godown The seizure of 16,000 litres of illicit spirit by Tamil Nadu Police from a godown in Coimbatore recently has alerted the State Excise Department to the spectre of arrack-fortified synthetic toddy flooding the State. The Tamil Nadu Police had found the contraband spirit stacked in a […]


Upholding the spirit

To mark the fifth death anniversary of Veenapani Chawla, Adishakti comes with its plays to Bengaluru It has been five years since one of the pioneers of contemporary theatre Veenapani Chawla, founder of experimental theatre group Adishakti Theatre Arts (Pondicherry), passed away. During these years, her students, Nimmy Raphel and Vinay Kumar have continued Veenpani’s […]


In the spirit of togetherness

It is five years since the founder of Adishakti Theatre, the veteran Veenapani Chawla passed away. A festival in her memory has just ended in Pondicherry. Two of the key members of the Adishakti group — Nimmy Raphel and Vinay Kumar — speak about what it has been for them to keep the show on […]


All about entrepreneurial spirit

“I cannot sit still for a prolonged period. You can see me making condiments and sweets or being engaged with accounts,” says P. Janaki, proprietor of Sri Parameswari Health Products. This 58-year-old woman who makes a variety of podis (powders), soup mixes, health mixes, condiments and laddus out of millets, has seen her business grow […]


Arnold Schwarzenegger, 71, gets into the Oktoberfest spirit

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 71, gets into the Oktoberfest spirit as he enjoys a stein of beer with son Patrick, 25, and girlfriend Heather Milligan He has been making the most of the Oktoberfest celebrations while holidaying in Munich. And Arnold Schwarzenegger made it a family affair, as he enjoyed a stein of Germany’s finest beer with his son […]


Spirit of renunciation

The Gita explains the ways and means to bring one’s body, senses, mind and intellect under control and this sadana is called “atma samyama yoga.” The term ‘karyam karma’ clearly spells out the subtle values of spirit and attitude behind every act of an individual. It means ‘doing what is accepted as work that has […]