Kim Kardashian Doesn't Always Have Time to Shower in Quarantine

Kim Kardashian West’s quarantine life isn’t quite as glamorous as fans might think. The 39-year-old mother of four has struggled to keep up her daily obligations while also taking care of her kids.  Her 6-year-old daughter, North, has hilariously crashed several of her videos, and Kim notes that the interruptions are genuine.  “I can’t get […]


Trump's Iran Conflict Has Americans Shopping for Bunkers

Launch Gallery the groundbreaking shelters Launch Gallery TMZ.com/Hardened Structures The United States conflict with Iran has had Americans freaked the f**k out lately — and, accordingly, they’ve been looking far and wide to burrow themselves underground. TMZ spoke with some of the best bunker retailers in the biz, and wouldn’t you know it … they […]


Gear Up for Holiday Feasts with These Prez Candidates Snacking

Launch Gallery Fill 'Er Up! Launch Gallery Getty As all the holiday food comes your way over these next couple weeks, feast your eyes on what presidential candidates (past and present) chose to eat on the campaign trail. Everyone enjoys themselves a corn dog, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Rick Perry. But, don’t forget […]