When Mani Bai learnt English

A 95-year-old matriarch decides that the lockdown is a good time to shore up on her vocabulary Mani Bai is 95 years old, has six children,15 grandchildren and 23 great grand-kids. She hates to be fussed over. She is fond of cooking and insists she will do something in the kitchen, be it making her […]


Corona Cases: Sudden spike in Andhra Pradesh

In a massive Andhra Pradesh reported 75 Corona positive cases in the last 24 hours and the total cases count now stands at 722. Two police personal and several government staff are said to be succumbed to the virus. Kurnool and Guntur districts have reported maximum cases in the state with 174 and 149 respectively. […]


COVID 19: Live-hopping is the way to go

With the lockdown keeping us indoors, people are ‘live-hopping’ for virtual hangout sessions If one is wondering what club hoppers and mall hoppers are doing during the lockdown, they have been busier than ever. They have shifted focus to ‘live hopping’. The current lockdown owing to the novel Coronavirus has given birth to this new […]

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Corona Awareness Photoshoot: Superstars with Face Masks

Amid the coronavirus scare, our favorite stars are staying home and observing social distancing. While they constantly keep in touch with fans and followers on social media, they campaign the same safety measures until this is all over. As a part of it, the famous GQ magazine brought back our star celebrities cover shoots, but […]


2902 Corona cases, 68 dead in India

The Union Health ministry has confirmed 2902 Corona positive cases in the country. In its daily bulletin, the health ministry mentioned that there are 2650 active cases while 183 people have got cured and discharged from the hospital. There has been a spike of 355 cases in the country in the last 12 hours. 68 […]


Take A Break: Here Is Some Good COVID-19 News Today

There are people in ICUs who have been fighting their lives against the virus and we do not know how many of them would be coming back. There are still a large number of cases being reported every hour all over the world. We do not exactly know when this is going to end. So […]


Corona cases India: Toll 1637, deaths 38

The Corona cases in India are getting registered in huge number in India. The other day 227 cases were reported and since yesterday 386 new cases have confirmed, said the union health ministry. The ministry added the prime reason for hike in cases is due to Tablighi Jamat in Nizamuddin, New Delhi. The health ministry […]