Travis Hall — born to ride

14-year-old Australian third in Underbone 150cc class

A notable occurrence at the FIA Asia road racing championship (ARRC) at the MMRT here on Sunday, was Australian Travis Hall’s podium finish (third) in the second race of the Underbone 150cc class. The reason: he’s a boy, recently turned 14.

His competing with experienced men in an event like ARRC highlights two qualities about him – courage and self-belief. “I was at the front in the grid. I was pushing myself so hard, and I knew if I believed in myself I could get podium,” he said after securing his first podium of the season, and his first in ARRC.

Though he started at the front, he reckons he had to get “rather defensive” in the end and manage a third place finish. “By the end of the race, I found myself in the third position, and I told myself, ‘ok, stay in third, do not let anyone pass.’ So, I tried to shut the door in every corner.”

“He needs to be more aware of the riding situations,” said Yeow, an official of the team Travis races for – SCK Rapido Hi Rev Honda Racing. He added: “As far as I know, Australia doesn’t have any underbone bike. He needs to learn more about the bike.”

So, when did Travis start racing?

“I’ve been racing on the dirt track since five, and in the road racing since nine,” he said.


According to him, “humidity” is a challenge, racing in India. And the “start of the race” is the challenging part in racing itself.

Travis’s mother Vanessa Hall, who’s been accompanying him in the championship, said her son got interested in racing, watching MotoGP. She added Travis’s younger brother Joshua (12) is also a racer “who wasn’t old enough to enter ARRC this time”.

Before coming to India, he’s raced in Australia and Japan in the ARRC this season. He will now race in Indonesia and Thailand.

He said he wants to further his racing career, when asked if he intends to do so, what with his education and all. “I want to be Moto2 World champion,” he added. Well, courage and self-belief.

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