Soorya, Navneeth duo clinch overall title

The pair also tops the Pro-Stock 301-400cc category

Chennai’s P.M. Soorya and Puducherry’s Navneeth Kumar annexed the overall title in the TVS Eurogrip MMSC Motorcycle Endurance race at the MMRT here on Sunday.

The pair also topped the Pro-Stock 301-400cc category while completing 55 laps over two hours.

Finishing second a minute in arrears were pole-sitters from Hyderabad, Satyanarayana Raju and Sahil Shetty, while the team of Abhimanyu Gautam and R. Anand was third with 54 laps.

A. Anfal and Subramani Gandan, completing 52 laps, won in the Stock 165cc category, restricted to those under 15 years of age. Lani Zena Fernandez and Arpitha Bhat emerged champions in the Girls (TVS Apache RTR 200), completing 48 laps.

The results (provisional):

Overall and pro-Stock 301-400cc: 1. P.M. Soorya & Navneeth Kumar (55 laps, 2hrs, 00:38.471s); 2. Satyanarayana Raju & P. Sahil (55L; 2:01:29.921); 3. Abhimanyu Gautam & R. Anand (54L; 2:01:22.055).

Stock 165cc: 1. A. Anfal & Subramani Gandan (52L; 2:02:05.716); 2. Mohan Babu & Udayi Prakash (52L; 2:02:18.551); 3. N. Jagadeesh & Allwin Xavier (51L; 2:02:29.670).

Girls (TVS Apache RTR 200): 1. Lani Zena Fernandez & Arpitha Bhat (48L; 2:01:11.352); 2. Rakshitha Dave & Baddam Dipika (47L; 2:00:44.209); 3. Nivetha Jessica & Lakaya Lee (47L; 2:01:20.940).

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