Slow Down Rohit!

Rohit Sharma is known to step on the accelerator to gun down big chases with massive hits on a cricket field.

Ahead of India’s fourth World Cup 2023 game, the Pune Mirror newspaper revealed that the skipper has been served multiple traffic challans for over speeding.

Rohit, the Pune Mirror newspaper reported, was driving his Lamborghini at speeds of 200km/h, at times touching 215km/h on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

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Rohit can pay the fines, we know, but a request to the captain: For daughter Samaira, wife Ritika and Indian cricket’s sake, please cut the speed and drive safe.

As India’s Minister for Roads Nitin Gadkari — who has made it his mission to reduce the number of road accidents — revealed in Parliament in July, 18 Indians lose their lives in road accidents every hour.

Speed only on the cricket pitch please, Rohit!

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