Kerala Cricket Association issues show cause notice to 13 players

The Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) has issued show cause notice to 13 cricketers, all signatories in the complaint raised against Kerala captain Sachin Baby.

The cricketers, in a letter to KCA early this month, had alleged that Sachin Baby was selfish and arrogant and sought the removal of him from captaincy.

Preliminary hearing

The KCA committee comprising KCA president Sajan Varghese, secretary Sreejith V. Nair, treasurer K.M. Abdul Rahman, BCCI nominee Jayesh George and cricket operations manager S. Ramesh conducted a preliminary hearing into the complaint at Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday.

The 13 players were given an opportunity to explain their grievances before the committee.

The KCA committee, after the preliminary hearing, came to the conclusion that the complaint against Sachin Baby was a fabricated one and was a result of conspiracy by some vested interests.

The committee also found that some senior players had ganged up against Baby and instigated the junior players to sign the complaint. Based on recommendation by the committee, the KCA decided to issue notice to all 13 players including Sanju V. Samson.

No basis

“We interviewed all the players and found there was no basis for the alleged complaint.

“The players, if they had any grievance, should have reported it to the manager then and there was a proper forum to air their complaints. This is gross indiscipline which cannot be tolerated,” said the KCA secretary.

The KCA also decided to issue a separate show cause notice to Samson, Mohd. Azharuddin, Salman Nizar and K.C. Akshay for unauthorised absence from the team hotel during the KSCA tournament in Bengaluru.

The four players went missing from the team hotel for two days without permission from the manager.

This is the second time that KCA is issuing a show cause notice to Samson for a similar offence.

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