It’s two out of two for Gaurav Gill

Team Mahindra Adventure’s top contender Gaurav Gill (co-driver Musa Sherif) gave their best in the challenging stages to emerge a clear winner in the second round of the MRF-FMSCI INRC 4W Rally of Coimbatore at Kethanur in Palladam on Sunday.

For the first time, his skills came into play on a surface that was rough. And a tough driver that he is, Gill came through it nicely, stage by stage, to finish on top for the second successive time.

His teammate Amittrajit Ghosh (Ashwin Naik) did well the other day and looked forward to challenging Gill, but found him too hot to handle at the end.

Ghosh was a clear one minute behind and that indicates the of speed and control displayed by the champion. “It was an awesome experience and I simply enjoyed it,” said Gill.

He appreciated the efforts taken by the organisers in setting up a new stage the other day but quickly added that the famous Kethanur stages are far better.

“Let rally be a tough challenge for the crews and the cars and that is what every driver will like.

“We got some new parts on the car and also special MRF Tyres with different compounds for a better grip on the road.”

FMSCI president Akbar Ebrahim finished third in the INRC 1 category and proved that he has not lost touch even after two decades.

The results:

INRC: 1. Gaurav Gill & Musa Sherif (Mahindra Adventure) 01:14:30.1s; 2. Amittrajit Ghosh & Ashwin Naik (Mahindra Adventure) 01:15:31.2; 3. Karna Kadur & Nikhil V. Pai (Arka Motorsports) 01:16:24.8.

INRC 1: 1. Gaurav Gill & Musa Sherif (Mahindra Adventure); 2. Amittrajit Ghosh & Ashwin Naik (Mahindra Adventure); 3. Akbar Ebrahim & Kumar Ramaswamy.

INRC 2: 1 Karna Kadur & Nikhil V. Pai; 2. Rahul Kanthraj & Vivek Y. Bhatt (Arka Motorsports); 3. Phalghuna Urs & Srikanth Gowda (Snap Racing).

INRC 3: 1. Aroor Vikram Rao & Anand Somayya (Falkon Motorsports); 2. Suhem Kabeer & Jeevarathinam (Team Champions); 3. Chetan Shivram & Rupesh Koley.

FMSCI 2WD: 1. K.C. Adith & K. Suraj; 2. Suraj Thomas & Sob George; 3. Lokesh Gowda & Venu Ramesh Kumar

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