Is Rohit Sharma Feeling The Pressure?

‘I’m aware that one or two off games could suddenly label me a poor captain.’

India faces the pressure of a single off day, shattering the dreams of millions of cricket fans.

Despite being the most consistent team in ICC tournaments, India has gone a decade without securing an ICC trophy.

While they recently broke a five year dry spell by winning the Asia Cup, a coveted ICC title remains elusive.

‘It’s not my thought process that India is enjoying a dream run; it’s the team’s thought process that everyone adheres to. I understand the dynamics; I’m aware that one or two off games could suddenly label me a poor captain,’ says Rohit Sharma.

‘I know how it works. I strive to make decisions that benefit the team and remain focused on that.’

With three group games left against Sri Lanka, South Africa and The Netherlands, Rohit cannot guarantee an undefeated path to the semifinals. However, he ensures that the team will approach these matches with the same positive intent as they have in the previous games.

‘Our focus is on winning every match. We don’t dwell on the future goal of going unbeaten. The public expects us to go all the way, and we embrace that. We are enjoying the cricket we are playing and aim to continue doing so for as long as possible,’ Rohit emphasises.

‘I’m sure all 15 of us (in the squad) when you travel in India, whether you’re playing matches or not, there are people at the airport, in the flight next to you, or anywhere you are traveling, they will talk about your game. ‘We want a hundred.’ ‘We want to see you taking five wickets.’ ‘We want to see you winning games, tournaments, series’ and all of that,’ he says.

‘I am sure all these things have been in the players’ ears since the beginning. I don’t think it’s pressure, but it’s nice that people are expecting a lot of things from us. And a nice way to respond is we know how, but at this point in time, we are enjoying the cricket that we are playing and we want to continue to do that as long as possible and as deep as possible.’

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