‘If Virat Kohli decides to beat you today, he will beat you’: WI quick on India captain’s steely resolve

West Indies fast bowler Kesrick Williams has had a couple of interesting encounters with India captain Virat Kohli. In 2017, Williams dismissed Kohli and followed it with his trademark ‘notebook celebration’. Kohli did not forget it and during a T20I against West Indies at home last year, the batsman took on Williams, and after launching him a six, got back at the fast bowler by pulling off a notebook celebration of his own.

That said, Williams is aware of the kind of batting prowess Kohli possesses. He lauded the India captain, saluting his steely resolve and determination as a batsman, and said if Kohli decides to take up something, he’s likely to finish it nine out of ten times.

“If Virat comes out and he decides to beat you today, he will beat you. He is a guy who sets up the game. If he decides he has to score a hundred today, he is going to play cricket like anything. If he decides he has to bat till the end, he will bat till the end,” Williams told Times of India in a chat.

With Williams going unsold at the IPL 2020 auction last December, he will have to wait for his turn to bowl at Kohli again. Rest assures, whenever it will next be, neither player is going to back down.

“I do not know what I will do next when I ever dismiss Kohli next. One thing I will do next for sure is next time if I will play Kohli, it will be a battle. As soon as he sees me, he is going to be pumped (up). I am going to be pumped (up) as well. Let’s see how it goes next time when we meet.”

Besides Kohli, Williams complimented Rohit Sharma and praised the two batsmen who’ve formed the crux of India’s batting over the years. Calling Rohit an impact player, Williams compared the two batsmen, explaining their different methods of taking the bowling apart.

“Both Rohit and Virat are really, really talented players. Rohit Sharma is more of a shotgun. He decides I am going to beat you, that’s it. On the other hand, Kohli decides I am going to beat you but I am going to beat you smartly. He is relaxed and works the ball around,” Williams said.

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