Hayden’s bold proclamation: Shubman Gill destined for stardom

‘You are going see a lot of Shubman Gill for the next 15 years’

Matthew Hayden, the former cricketer, heaped rich praise on the talented Shubman Gill, expressing his belief that Gill will be a prominent figure in international cricket for the next 15 years.

“You will see a lot of Shubman Gill for the next 15 years. The foundations behind a good Test cricketer are pretty simple. And Shubman, and KL Rahul before him, fundamentally have fantastic games. So, he’ll be a superstar of any cricket format for a very long time.”

“One of the biggest advantages that Shubman has and he showed this when he was touring Australia is he’s very good off the backfoot as well.”

“So square of wicket play is excellent. And that’ll stand him in good stead even against the best Test sides in the world,” Hayden added.

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