From Giant Zanjeer to Sareena Sandhu: Meet the Indians who stole the show at WWE’s Superstar Spectacle

Take a special look at the Indian superstars who featured in the WWE Superstar Spectacle.

WWE on Republic Day featured a special two-hour episode where Indian superstars shared the four-squared ring with the likes of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio, Charlotte among others. From a 7 foot two inches monster -Giant Zanje to the modern-day Maharaja Jinder Mahal and the charismatic Sareena Sandhu, India’s talent was on full display. The focus on India comes on the back of WWE’s plan to launch a special India programme ‘NXT India’ in early 2021. The filming of NXT India will begin in January 2021 at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Also in the pipeline is WWE’s own Performance Center in India in 2022. But before that one must know the superstars who stole the show last night-

Giant Zanjeer

Standing at a staggering 7-foot-2 and tipping the scales at 340 pounds, Giant Zanjeer is a titanic trainee of The Great Khali who is here to make his presence known.

A native of Jagraon, Punjab, Zanjeer is a former basketball player who set his sights on the squared circle and is ready to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to rise the ranks of WWE.

As others cower in his shadow, there is only one mantra for Giant Zanjeer: no pain, only gain.

Dilsher Shanky

At 7 feet tall and weighting 310 pounds, Dilsher Shanky of Jagadhri, India, is a goliath. An experienced cricketer and actor, Shanky left a job working as an accountant to turn his attention to the squared circle under the supervision of another giant of the ring, The Great Khali.

Joining a stacked roster of monsters including Giant Zanjeer and Omos, and following in the footsteps of colossal figures like Braun Strowman who rose through the ranks of NXT, Dilsher Shanky the goliath is here to prove himself. No questions asked.

Guru Raaj

Guru Raaj arrived in Orlando from Banda, India, after successfully being selected at the record-setting WWE India Tryout in 2019.

A former farmer turned sports-entertainer, Raaj was trained by The Great Khali and uses his athletic experience in javelin throwing and taekwondo to run circles around his opponents.

Demonstrating strength, speed and craft… one thing is for certain: Guru Raaj is the first Indian-born high-flyer in WWE, and he is here to put the rest of the roster on notice.

Jeet Rama

From Indian Wrestling Kushti Champion to NXT Superstar, Jeet Rama is making his way in the squared circle.

Born in Haryana, India, Rama is a two-time Kushti National Heavyweight Champion and three-time winner of the Hind Kesari award. During WWE’s 2016 visit to India, Jeet Rama debuted in front of hometown fans at the Indira Gandhi Arena, winning his first match against Chad Gable and cementing his place as one to watch.

What will the future hold for this Kushti wrestling star? One thing is for sure: Jeet Rama is here to make a statement.


Rinku has arrived in NXT, and along with Saurav, he is here to bulldoze the competition.

Originally from Bhadohi, India, standing 6-foot-4 and weighing a solid 275 pounds, Rinku comes to the squared circle from javelin field and the baseball diamond, where he was a pitching prospect for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the inspiration for the Disney movie “Million Dollar Arm” starring Jon Hamm.

The hulking Superstar casts an intimidating shadow in the ring, which the NXT Universe was first introduced to when he and his Indus Sher partner Saurav steamrolled over Riddle at the behest of Malcolm Bivens.

Judging by his actions so far, there’s no doubt that Rinku is here to punish the competition and ensure Bivens Enterprises reigns supreme over NXT.

Sareena Sandhu

The very dangerous first-generation born Indian-American Sareena Sandhu is looking to make waves in the WWE as a female wrestler from India along with Kavita Devi.

Sareena & Charlotte Flair squared off with Bayley & Natalya and emerged victoriously. As mayhem broke out in the final moments, Natalya locked in the family Sharpshooter on Sandhu. As the resilient competitor fought through the pain, The Queen entered the ring and hit The Queen of Harts with Natural Selection from out of nowhere. This set up Sandhu to get a huge upset.


The towering Saurav has arrived in NXT to demolish everyone in his path.

At 6-foot-8 and 300 pounds and hailing from Gwalior, India, few Superstars can measure up to the massive two-time Indian National Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion. Alongside his Indus Sher partner Rinku, Saurav made an immediate impact on the black-and-gold brand, pummeling Riddle into the canvas at the behest of their manager, Malcolm Bivens.

Saurav has gone on to show that he is a complete menace inside the squared circle, overpowering other Superstars with ease before showing off his true might.

With Rinku alongside him and Bivens in his corner, it’s clear that Saurav is well on his way to achieving one thing: complete destruction.

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